Getting To Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch is located just 10 miles south of Santa Fe, and only 45 minutes north of Albuquerque. You can rent a car from the Albuquerque Airport or reserve a shuttle bus.

There are three options available without renting a car:

The Road Runner Shuttle (505.424.3367) will drop you off directly at Synergia Ranch for $38 one way. If you would like to pay by credit card, pay in advance over the phone. Reservations required.

The Sandia Shuttle (888.775.5696) will drop you off either at Hwy 599, which is about a 10 minute drive from Synergia, or in downtown Santa Fe, about a 30 minute drive from Synergia. You would need transportation to the Ranch. The cost is $30 one way or $55 round trip. Reservations strongly suggested.

The Rail Runner Train (866.795.RAIL) runs a train service between downtown Albuquerque (about a $15 cab ride from the airport) and Santa Fe for about $10 one way. There are stops at Hwy 599 (10 minutes from Synergia) and downtown Santa Fe (about 30 minutes from Synergia). You would need to arrange transportation to the Ranch. No reservations needed.

If you are driving to Synergia Ranch:

From Santa Fe:
Take Hwy 14 south toward Madrid (either from the I-25 exit or as a continuation of Cerrillos Rd.). About 1 1/2 mi. S from I-25, you'll cross Hwy 599, where there's an Allsups store and a gas station. Keep going. About 6.8 miles further south, you'll come to a minor crossroad labeled as County Road 44 to the left, and County Road 45 to the right. Turn RIGHT on County Road 45 (to the West). This road is also called Bonanza Creek Road. If you pass by the Lone Butte County Store, you've just missed the turn. Go back a few hundred yards and you'll see it. From the turn-off onto County Road 45, go 1.5 miles until the road makes a sweeping curve to the right. DON'T follow that curve -- instead, go straight ahead on the dirt road labeled Silver Hills Road. About 100 yards further, there's a dirt drive to the left labeled Synergia Road. You have arrived!

From Albuquerque:
Take I-25 north, and go 42 miles to Exit 271 to La Cienega. Jog to the right, then turn Right to get onto the frontage road paralleling I-25 going back south. Continue 1 mile on the frontage road to the turn-off for County Road 45 (also called Bonanza Creek Road). Turn Left here, heading east. The signs there direct you to Los Cerrillos, Bonanza Creek, and Rancho Allegre. Just over 5 miles on the fourth major bend going to the left, DO NOT continue around the bend. Instead, look for the dirt road heading to the right from the bend in the road. Go right (west) there onto Silver Hills Road. You're almost there! About 300 yards further, look for Synergia Road on your left. You have arrived!

If lost, call 505.471.2573 or Cell Phone 505.690.8541.
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