Supporting Teachers

We are here to nurture the coming generation of talented Alexander Alliance teachers. That means a good number of very good teachers are always around. Their presence and assistance adds immeasurably to the quality of the retreat.

Christine Träger

Christine TrägerChristine is an engineer, now owner of a store for organic furniture and teacher for Alexander Technique. Her experiences in Improvisation-Dance, Taiji and Tango influence her work as an Alexander teacher. She lives with her husband in Wuppertal/Germany.

Cinda Thomas

Cinda Thomas Cinda Thomas is a 2001 graduate of the Alexander Alliance, a member of the Alexander Technique International, and maintains a private Alexander Technique studio, Mindful Living, in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to teaching Alexander Technique, Cinda is a highly respected teacher of singing who has both academic and private experience as well as an extensive performance background. She holds a DMA and MM in Voice Performance, and a BME in Music Education. Her private voice studio, Viva Voce, is also in Baltimore, Maryland.

Yoko Yasuda

Yoko Yasuda Yoko met Sakiko Ishitsubo in 1995 and came to know the Alexander Work. Six years later, she decided to become an Alexander teacher. She loves this work because it helps people to care about themselves and learn how to change things. She has been learning the Gattegno approach which is the practical teaching theory of how we learn and how we teach as humans.

Tsuyoshi Yasuda

Tsuyoshi Yasuda Tsuyoshi majored in philosophy and literature in college, graduated from Alexander Alliance Japan in 2005, and is a medical student since then. He is interested in the interaction between cognition and locomotion in living organisms -- how ideas affect performance and vice versa. Alexander Work is a unique way to explore this experientially with one's own body and mind.

Alexandra Buschmann

Alexandra Buschmann As a dancer, Alexandra has experience with different movement studies/techniques such as New Dance, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, BodyMindCentering, Authentic Movement, Movement Ritual of Anna Halprin, Improvisation/Contactimprovisation, and TaiChi. She has started to combine these techniques with the work of Alexander.
When she trained to become a dancer, Alexandra learned to push her body hard. It was only when she got in touch with the Alexander Work that she realised she never again wanted to be hard towards herself or hurt her body. She found space for just being, for freeing herself up and opening all her senses with non-doing, non-pushing, non-judging. As a teacher, she strives to give this experience to others.

Judith Shotwell

Judith Shotwell Judith Shotwell usually can be found somewhere between El Rito and Santa Fe, NM where she lives and works. She came to Alexander by way of theater and music-thanatology. For fun she sings, harps, swims, hikes, travels and delights in ravens cavorting on the wind. She teaches a credit class based on Alexander principles at Santa Fe Community College.

Hiroko Uno

Hiroko Uno Hiroko lives in Hiroshima/Japan. She taught at a public high school for 15 years before taking a teacher training at the Alexander Alliance Japan in 2007. She quit her job and attended classes at the Alexander Alliance Southwest in New Mexico and at the Alexander Alliance Germany. In 2009, she was approved as a teacher by Alexander Technique International. She loves horse back riding, playing with her pet(a Rainbow Lorikeet) and teaching Alexander Technique.

Irene Schlump

Irene Schlump Since 1991, Irene lives in Bochum/Germany, part of the European Capital of Culture of 2010.
She met the Alexander Technique first to find her voice. As an actress, she immediately knew that the work would help process her physical, mental and spatial exploration not only on stage, but for life. She gives classes in Alexander Work in the Kulturhaus Oskar, Bochum, since 2007. She teaches private lessons and groups. She is a Living In A Body Instructor trained by Robyn Avalon and interested in cranio work and BMC, Tango dancing, Tai chi, and meditation. In 2009 she was a teaching apprentice with the summer retreat in New Mexico.

Therese Geisler

Therese is a professional solo-flutist in the orchestra of Mainz/Germany since 1986. In 2002, she started the study of Alexander Work, which she finished in 2006. Combining her music career with the Alexander Technique has provided her with numerous wonderful experiences, and she hopes to share this by teaching others.

Yuuka Shibayama

Yuuka Shibayama Yuuka met the Alexander Work when she studied psychology at graduate school. Eventually, an idea of a psycho-physical organism as a whole inspired her to become an Alexander teacher. She enjoys supporting people in the discovery of who they are, and Alexander Work makes this possible. Recently, she became interested in deepening this work from the point of view of cognitive science.

Célia Jurdant-Davis

Célia Jurdant-Davis Célia grew up in France, lived in England and America before coming to Germany in 1993. Her first love is musique. She studied the harp for 6 years before taking up singing at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Strasbourg. She has a certificate in Journalism and studied Anthropology at the university, but it is her interest in voice that led her to the Alexander-Technique which she has been teaching in private lessons, workshops and firms since 1999. She has been greatly influenced by Kristin Linklater's voice work, yoga, tango dancing, children (she has 4 of her own), and cranio-sacral therapy.
She is the coordinator of the AlexanderAlliance Germany since 2008.
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