Being in Nature

Sometimes classes take place indoors, though often we study outdoors under old cottonwood trees, aside giant red cliffs, by trickling arroyos.

Mountain bluebirds, black ravens, red-tailed hawks.
Huge skies, endless sunsets, early evening rainbows.
Moonlight, bonfires, the sound of coyotes far in the distance.

At the Ranch, as the days and nights pass, we come to sense the landscape as a living body and our bodies as living landscape, as moving earth, knowing water, fluid fire. As our senses open through the week, Nature enters us, moves us, and awakens us.

"New Mexico liberated me from the present era of civilization, the great era of material and mechanical (technological) development. It was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had. Touch this country and you will never be the same again."
-D.H. Lawrence on New Mexico

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Being in Nature
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