Daily Schedule

Early Birds may want to enjoy a morning walk, a groupTai Chi class, or mediation.

Morning Sessions are spent applying the Work directly to our physical and personal lives.
Together, we explore how thoughts, senses, and emotions affect our bodies, our actions, and our interactions. Deep experiences of being and moving well are internalized, as we absorb the grandeur of the open landscape surrounding us. "Explorer“ Travel/Study Participants will receive personalized study on activities of their choice. Newcomers are introduced to the work, while more advanced trainees have the opportunity to fine-tune their teaching skills.

Mid-Day Breaka time for rest, socializing, trips to nearby towns, and Open Study, when students have the opportunity to practice the week’s material with each other.

Late-Afternoon Sessions are primarily focused on teachers and teachers-in-training, with an emphasis on learning the necessary skills for imparting the work to others, both individually and in groups, in ways that are engaging and enjoyable. Non-trainees have the opportunity to receive more personalized work from students and faculty. Throughout the week late afternoon sessions may include "lying down work", simple ways of learning how to rest constructively.

Sunset Sessions are often spent hiking or simply sitting and taking in the vast beauty of Northern New Mexico.

Evening Sessions, open to everyone, are generally light and fun, often involving Alexander games, casual performing, impromptu dancing and singing on cool evenings around a warm fireplace. Some nights may have study themes, organized discussions, and introductions to complementary fields of study.

Night Owl Sessions often happen spontaneously as new friendships are formed, and old ways of being are discarded. Processing the days' events under a brilliant sky of stars is a perfect end to a full and lively day of study.

Field Trips to explore some of the extraordinary nature of New Mexico, including hiking at Ghost Ranch and Tent Rocks, and swimming and canoeing in nearby lakes, hanging out in Madrid (a local ‘‘mining town turned artist commune‘‘), and even exploring the cultural scene in Santa Fe with trips to the world-renowned Santa Fe Opera and Canyon Road Art Galleries, are often part of the schedule.
Daily Schedule
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