Multicultural and Intergenerational Community

People from everywhere are welcome. If English is not your first language, we will do our best find a translator. Translation is provided in German and Japanese. Babies, children, teens, college students, singles, couples, gay and straight, parents, grandparents, friends, the physically challenged, (that would be all of us), everyone is welcome into our inclusive community. The young learn from the old, the old from the young. Everyone learns from everyone.

We share our rich cultural heritages with each other. Tea ceremony, ikebana, and origami from Japan - Schtick brot and choral singing from Germany - Making sage sticks, micaceous pottery, and Rio Grande weavings from New Mexico. There is even an opportunity for those bold souls to experience a Native American sweat lodge.

Family Friendly Community

Partners/spouses are welcome, whether they join the Retreat or just come to the Ranch for a vacation. Sneaking into a class now and again is permitted.

All Levels Welcome
All Ages, Multicultural, Family Friendly
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