Welcome To Our Retreat

A leaving behind, in order to return to something that has been lost.

Our summer days are full with sessions scheduled morning, afternoon, and evening. Times for rest are woven in throughout the day.

These "full" summer days are reminiscent of the full summer days of childhood. Long days of light, activities and fun. Learning sinks in naturally and effortlessly.

Levels of Study
This Retreat is for everyone, any age, any physical condition.
  • Absolute beginners come to study with us.
  • Those who are currently studying the Alexander work and who wish to experience studying with other teachers.
  • Students from the Alliance schools as well as other Alexander Schools who are training to become Alexander teachers.
  • Alexander teachers who have been teaching for years join us as well, leaving the retreat refreshed and inspired.
Teaching Apprentices
Our apprenticeship program is limited to two teachers each summer who have been actively teaching for at least three years. These two apprentices work side by side Robyn, Bruce, Midori, and Sakiko throughout the entire retreat. This is a true passing on of knowledge, deeply gratifying for both the apprentices and for the Alliance directors. Tuition is waived for these two apprentices.
(Apply early at robyn@alexandersw.com)

All Levels Welcome
All Ages, Multicultural, Family Friendly
Being in Nature
Mentoring Trainers
Explorer Option
College Work/Study
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